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Welcome to Corhwin Herbs and Produce. We specialize in growing herbs and world vegetables. An herb is mainly a title lumped to a variety of plants that have properties that are of benefit for animals or other plants. Produce grown includes world crops and recognized special varities.

Why herbs? Glad you asked. Herbs are different from other plants found in a garden, in a field, in a flower bed or in a pot. Besides many being perennials, they have different properties from other plants. Typically they are added to dishes to provide flavour to cooked foods, for extracting medicinal ingredients, added to perfumes or affecting the behaviour of insects. The discovery of these characteristics has been made from trial, error and observations over centuries, many predating recorded knowledge. It was these differences that helped promote their usage and propagating. As trading routes developed and expanded and new lands discovered, the popularity of these plants grew and they were spread where ever humans travelled.


An article in Runner's World started the interest originally. Not only could you add certain herbs to your food, they could also increase healing. Needing something to get outdoors while studying mechanical engineering, starting a garden seemed like a good idea. Herbs were a part of that activity. The first plots were small and in a corner of the family farm. Eventually, more soil got reclaimed (ie. stones removed) and the organic matter and soil quality built up.

What's Corwhin? Easy answer. Corwhin is an area in Puslinch Township that once held a train station, a one-room school house and a general store. It's where we are located.

This website will tell you more about what we grow, the work that has been done, where our produce can be found and what you can do to add herbs into your life. Everyone needs a little bit of flavour and piling on the salt is not always the best (or tastiest) way.