Welcome to Corwhin Herbs and Produce. We grow vegetables, herbs and more

About Us


Hey There!

Welcome to Corwhin Herbs and Produce. We grow vegetables, some fruit and of course herbs on reclaimed land. Currently, we offer a weekly and bi-weekly Farm Share (ie. CSA, veggie box) during the summer.


Food, Farming, Family

Raising our own food has been a long family tradition. My families came to Canada for the freedom and abundant agriculturally productive land. Gardening and farming has been the way my family made a living and kept food on the table. Everything is produced like we are going to eat it, which we probably will if there are no takers.


Why Choose Corwhin?

1) Because you like food. Real food. Fresh food. That's what makes a good dish

2) You want to support a local rural business. Corwhin is within 30 minutes drive from Guelph, Hespeler, Milton and Waterdown.

3) You want to reduce your food footprint. The average meal travels 2000 miles to get to you.

4) You can see the plants growing.

A Little More



Involvement in the family dairy farm and garden as a youngster was all about work. What the farm taught was 1) work makes things happen and brings results, 2) if you don't work there's nothing good to eat.


Herbs Galore

At the peak, about 60 different types of herbs were grown in my gardens. At the Aberfoyle and Humber Bay Shores farmers' markets I was known as "the herb guy". Herbs are amazing plants. Unfortunately, most market visitors didn't know how to use fresh herbs.


Farm Share / Veggie Box/ CSA

Herbs were one step to what is grown now. Currently, our Farm Share offers a wide variety or vegetables, some fruit, a growing amount of flowers and of course herbs.


Potted Plants

We're growing extra! Potted plants will be ready to sell at the end of May. Plants will include cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, flowers.